We have been spending some time working on this new project and we are super pumped to present Subclture’s very own “ANYTHNG GO” Packable 5 Panel Cap. We thought of the multiple considerations for our outdoor loving people in Singapore – From hot and sweaty days to the love and hate of rainy ones. The “ANYTHNG GO” cap isn’t like your conventional 5 panel cap – Didn’t we say we’d pack a punch? Because this product was built from scratch, every step was vital in this process. Since the market is so vast, we could not possibly cater to every crazy idea that popped up in our minds. It boiled down to creating something that we wanted but was unavailable and making it accessible to you too. We usually test run with our different customised prototypes before dropping the real shit – Because ultimately, we won’t sell what we won’t abuse ourselves.


Most times, the brim of a cap includes some kind of stiffening or plastic insides but our ANYTHNG GO Packable 5 Panel Cap’s brim is made up of flexible, soft polyethylene that allows the cap to be foldable. YES. FOLDABLE. Hence why, PACKABLE! Making it super compact so you can send it straight into your pocket anytime you want – Carrying it with you all day everyday! All you have to do is reshape the brim with your hands after you unfold it and you are good to go! We have designed a shorter brim based on our personal preferences in the daily photography flow so that the cap doesn’t get in the way of things but it doesn’t limit to that. Think running, cycling, swimming with the kids, camping trips and not forgetting bombing graffiti on walls – It’s all about the individual lifestyle. The main body is made up of double layer, to give more shape and durability. The all weather fabric dries fairly quick as well so that deserves a trophy on its own. Metal eyelets on both sides will help with ventilation too. Goodbye stink bombs! Another highlight would be the waterproof front zipper panel which acts as a stash pocket! Need an extra SD card? Checked! Where are your earphones? Checked! Need that $2 bill for a Redbull from the uncle shop after your sweaty run? Checked! Also featuring a reflective back strap to keep you visible in the dark as you cruise along. Its all about the street survival right?

All in all, our “ANYTHNG GO” Packable 5 Panel Cap is moisture-wicking, odor-repelling and outstandingly lightweight. Available in 3 dope colors that doesn’t restrain you from matching our #FRESHTODEATH socks! If you are digging this new product, head over to SHOP like right now. As you know it, we keep the quantity limited and when it reflects Out Of Stock on your screen – We cannot promise a restock because Slow & Steady!

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