We are thrilled to announce the launch of our very first collaboration SUBCLTURE X THEPROJECTPIXEL. This “RAD PHOTOS’ drop marks a new chapter of being an independent photography brand that has been in the industry for the last decade – and still going at it only now with a twist!

The drop also signifies the recently revamped website (WWW.THEPROJECTPIXEL.COM) where you can view all their past kickass works in higher resolutions. You can expect quality uploads from time to time and spontaneous merch releases by Subclture over the next coming months.

Be sure to watch this blog as well as THEPROJECTPIXEL’s Instagram and Facebook pages for more news, updates, future giveaways and contests while to celebrate 10 years in the business.

If you are digging the effort, here you go – SUBCLTURE X THEPROJECTPIXEL.

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