Fresh to death

“There are no guarantees when it comes to taking risks. But, you can feel proud knowing that you made a move outside of your comfort zone.
Reinvention is a slow process, but it will be worth it in the end.”

Whenever we thought of starting something new, a brand, a platform, a product – We told ourselves not to bite off more than what we can chew.
Starting something is always easy but sustaining it is a whole different story.

Living in a rat race environment, we tend to forget to enjoy the little things in life. Not many human has the power to remember everything so these #SLOWANDSTEADYSOCKS serves as our reminder to go at our own pace. Not everything has to be a competition but more of taking the time to relish the process. During our soft launch of our rad first batch, we saw how different people from different walks of life curated their lifestyle around “Slow & Steady”. From fellow photographers to graffiti writers to skateboarders to cyclists to gym goers to firefighters to parents – The list goes on!

We thoroughly appreciate every version of how this phrase was resonated and is continuously open to interpretation. Set your mood for the day. Whether you are feeling experimental or chill out, express yourself! Slow and steady, friends. Keep grinding in whatever you do. We are with you ✊ We have uploaded a new colorway and also restocked a couple of favourites. Don’t miss it again! And because we are cheeky f*ckers who like to tease, we are definitely working on more fresh designs. In the meantime, what you see is what you getFRESH TO DEATH SOCKS

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