With the love of art as our catalyst, we got the ball rolling since 2009. Based in Singapore, TheProjectPixel never had an easy start but in the name of passion, Shukri Samsuri ran the brand single handedly before reaping steady comrades. His influence derives from personal travels exploring different climates and his graffiti crew (ZNC) which includes being surrounded by a community of insanely creative mates.

Our intention is to inject vibrancy into our photographs, leaving each assignment on a high note. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of capturing wedding events while maintaining a strong foundation. Our approach alternates between unconventional and spontaneous – Resulting in fresh and trendsetting sets.

As a local independent brand in photography, our gratitude is yours for choosing us, trusting us and recommending us to your loved ones in the last decade. To many more good times ahead!


Words from our satisfied clients


How long has THEPROJECTPIXEL been in business?

We have kept the ball rolling since 2009!

How do we book a slot with THEPROJECTPIXEL?

Whichever is convenient for you! You could drop us a DM via Instagram , email us at theprojectpixel@gmail.com or head over to our contact page 🙂

Kindly include your event date(s) in mind so we could check on our availability and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours!

How is the payment breakdown like?

50% deposit will be collected to secure your date(s) in mind. This is a first come, first serve basis. Balance can be cleared two weeks before your event. We accept cash upon meeting up at our space, PayNow or Bank Transfer.

Will the deposit for THEPROJECTPIXEL services be refundable?

No, it will not be refundable. This is to compensate for other jobs that could have been booked.

When is the balance payment due?

Two weeks before your event.

Can we split the hours between 2 days for actual event?

Yes you may! For example if you were to take our “Shiok” package (8 hours), you could do 3 hours on one day for solemnisation and 5 hours the next day for reception. Only to be split maximum over two days.

What do we do if we need to swap the date(s) of our event?

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can check on the availability on the new date(s) that you want. We cannot promise an open slot though.

What is the process for a pre/post wedding shoot?

The timeline will either 3 months before or after your wedding day, depending if you were to choose pre or post shoot. Based on our previous clients over the years, some took up pre-wedding shoot so that they can get the contents for their actual wedding day (E.g: To display at the reception table) and for those who took up post-wedding shoot, well, it’s where we get to put more creativity! Before each pre/post wedding shoot includes an hour consultation with our Creative Director, Shukri Samsuri.

Do you offer overseas pre/post wedding shoot?

Yes we do! We have experience in shooting in Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, Malaysia, Thailand and more! Please let us know your dates via email so that we can check on our photographers’ schedule. You may request for our “Jom Explore!” package for more juice.

How soon will we see our photos? What is the process?

Approximately 3 months from the date of your event. We will send you a link to our online portal to choose your photos for your flush mount album – A gentle reminder that the longer you take to choose, the longer we get the order going to our supplier!

How do we receive our images after the wedding?

Physical albums must be collected at our space – 71G Sultan Gate, Singapore 198496. You can email us on your availability so you don’t come down disappointed to an empty studio! (Sometimes we are all deployed out for shoots!)

Can we go for an outdoor shoot after our event?

Yes you may! If the time permits after your event around the vicinity of your event location. Maximum of 1 hour. Should it spans out more than the hours in the package you have taken, a per hour rate will be charged.

Do we really need a second photographer?

We highly recommend! A second photographer will be able to cover different perspectives/angles during your event. If you are a couple of folks who are into detailed shots and want more options, this is a good move!

Extra things to take note of!

1) Please encourage your bridesmaids and groomsmen to help out with your friends’ and family members’ phones for photo-taking during group shots. This is to minimise the potential distractions of our photographers’ flow.

2) It is highly suggested that transportation for our photographers’  between two locations is provided. This is to avoid potential delays from traffic and insufficient parking space.

3) There is no need to swing by our space to discuss on your itinerary. Please rest when you can! You may email us the details and we will get back to you via Whatsapp/SMS as the event date(s) get nearer.

Do we provide other services apart from photography?

If you would like to have a customised backdrop for your pre/post wedding shoot, we have Slac Satu, founder of ZNC, to help us out! This is an exclusive service that we provide to make your moments more dope. We’d like to know the lightbulbs in your mind – Email us!



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