Despite obvious progress, some parts of wedding planning feel as frustrating now as they did ten years ago. Being familiar with the wedding scene for a decade, it became abundantly clear that two frustrations in particular are still persistent in wedding planning: families being family and vendors being really hard to hire. From venues that make you set up an appointment before they even tell you their baseline pricing, to trying to figure out how to narrow down a dozen wedding photographers without having a degree in photography yourself, the early parts of wedding planning can feel overwhelming.

When THEPROJECTPIXEL thought of elevating our clients’ experience beyond the realms of just photography, we thought of how we could lessen the weight off their shoulders by teaming up with reliable local brands. With most of our inquiries, it comes as no surprise that we received a fair amount of requests for not just photography but videography as well. DIZIQVIDZ has always come to mind. Being in the industry for a decade as well, we have witnessed each other’s progression, growth and consistency. Level up your reminiscing moments of your big day over and over again with DIZIQVIDZ’s energetic and creative production team that produces cinematic motion wedding films.

The whole point of locking in a photography/videography vendor is to capture you and your better half in the best light ever. This is where WITHLOVEYUMI comes through! With what seems like a short period of time of working hand in hand, we are highly impressed with WITHLOVEYUMI’S workmanship and service thus far. Often making sure that they offer a variety of looks to cater to the different timeline of events like solemnisation and “bersanding” ceremony for both the bride and groom to be. Whether you prefer to be cladded in a traditional bold look or modern minimalism, look no further!

Last but definitely not the least, what is a wedding without a location? We have recently joined forces with LAGUNSARI (Bukit Timah) to help you worry even lesser! Equipped with 2 fully air-conditioned halls of your choice, convenient changing rooms for your event preparation, prayer rooms and catering services (Have you read their reviews? Nothing but good things!)  all under one roof – You’d be strolling into the premise with such ease. 

All in all, we hope that these three brands that we are actively working with will somehow help you out in one way or another. Four different local brands in the same industry with the same intention – Locking your big day in the most unconcealed and fuss-free way we know how. For more juice on THEPROJECTPIXEL Price Guide, flexible collaboration packages and current promos, shoot us a line with your event date and inquiries to We are all out here for ya!

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